Save money and maximize time.

In person lessons are expensive and take a lot of time. Starting with a our course can save you money!

Think about it. If you pay $35 – $75 for your first four in-person lessons, you’ll end up paying between $140 – $300 for your first month. Even though these lessons are 30-50 minutes at a time, you can only make so much progress in a single span of time. You actually end up paying more for less initial progress!

Also, most traditional beginner’s methods require a very high degree of both motivation and failure tolerance to get results. Motivation isn’t usually a problem, but most people don’t like to experience failed efforts over and over again before they see improvement. That’s why the First 30 method relies on progressive, incremental steps throughout the week.

You experience more success, so that you don’t lose motivation as easily. And that means you stay on track and reach your goals! There aren’t many things worth doing that are easy, but it can be easy to learn the guitar when you take it step by step. When you carry that sense of success into in-person lessons or other courses in the future, you can make the most of your investment.